OCC has unmatched experience in construction and construction management in Louisiana. Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of projects, and our committment to quality means we continually assess processes to add value to your bottom line.

  • Contracting

    Onshore Construction is a full service, commercial general contractor. From pre-construction planning to post-construction customer service, our expertise covers the entire spectrum of modern day commercial activity.

    We're a leader in commercial general contracting in south Louisiana. Headquartered in Thibodaux, LA, our team of professionals bring more than 40 years combined experience to the industry.

    We promise quality craftsmanship, competitive pricing, and expert project management. Field teams work in conjunction with back office personnel to keep projects moving ahead on time. You can rely on our many long-term, established relationships with skilled tradesmen and sub-contractors to see that your jobs are completed within budget.

  • Oil & Gas

    Onshore Construction has developed a reputation for excellence, service and speed in oil and gas construction. We strive to provide a high level of satisfaction to our clients. OCC has the capacity to deliver quality construction and competitive prices. After all, we know these are the attributes you expect and deserve.

    OCC is successful because we rely on a company-wide commitment to teamwork and safety. We are dedicated to providing each employee with an accident-free workplace which protects our customers, our personnel, and the communities in which we work.

    Our safety program starts with new employee orientation and continues with safety meetings, ongoing training sessions, and continuous site-specific and skills training. Bottom line: we believe a oil & gas projects are done well only if they're done safely.

  • Heavy Civil

    Civil engineering impacts nearly every aspect of our daily lives, and Onshore Construction is proud to offer expertise in all manner of heavy civil construction. Heavy equipment, earth moving, grading, drainage, and utilities are at the core of our company profile.

    Led by an experienced team of technical professionals, and supported by a multidisciplinary staff, OCC develops tailor-made solutions for heavy civil projects.

    As one of Louisiana's top civil contractors, we have an unmatched expertise in dealing with soft ground, in working on and around waterways, and with environmental rules and regulations. This is evidenced by the variety of projects we have delivered, and, by the new work that comes our way as a result of satisfied clientele.

  • Design + Build

    You may not recognize our name, but you’ve probably seen our work in various commercial and industrial buildings across south Louisiana.

    We have built a reputation based on quality, integrity, and productivity. Our ownership and management team has more than 40 years of combined experience in general contracting, heavy civil, and oil & gas construction. That expertise makes us an ideal fit for your next Design + Build project.

    With Design + Build our services include construction and management, competitive bidding, and lean delivery methods. OCC maximizes value, minimizes waste, and accelerates deliverables to help you effectively make budget projections, and to assure that we'll keep your projects on target.

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Construction fit to your needs in Louisiana

Looking for commercial construction, heavy civil or expert care on your next oil & gas project? Look no further than OCC. We’re ready and able to take on whatever vision you want to bring to reality.